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Pushing a non-master branch to Heroku

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I completed a React project with a Rails API backend. Locally everything worked prefectly.  When trying to change environment variables like the address of the API backend, I wanted to create a seperate branch for heroku, it case I needed to edit something for heroku. I would rather not clutter “master” with changes until they are 100% working.

Problem is heroku only recognizes master branches, but to test I need to commit to master

Well there is a work aorund, just push a different branch up to heroku manually

git push heroku [name-of-your-branch]:master

this way I can push up a branch I named heroku up to heroku.

Credit: link from Jordon Trevino


Difference between localhost sites and heroku hosted sites

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I built an app, Everything works perfectly locally.

Time to deploy to heroku.

Once on heroku I noticed that sometimes when I submitted something to my api from my front end site, there would be a significant delay of 2-3 seconds occasionally.

Other than possible removing heroku as the culprit by upgrading, the issue could possibly still be network related.

To bypass this I am going to build in a display message to show users that they did actually hit submit so they aren’t tempted to click submit twice.

Still dealing with network issues despite leaving Systems Administration behind.

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Did you think you could leave networking problems behind?





Github markdown create links to sections in same md file

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tldr:    [Link text or description](#this-is-my-header-name-I-want-to-link-to)

I had a long Readme file, and wanted easy access on top to the sections of the file.

If you have a header, you can link to that header

create a header: ##This is my header
the link to the header would be: [Link text or description](#this-is-my-header)

As you can see its just converting your text to lowercase and using dash instead of spaces.

If you are having a problem, you can always highlight the header and the link will show at the bottom of chrome. See how that python looking object showed up next to  “Examples”, and at the bottom is the full hyerlink. In this example, just the #example would suffice as I did in my example  above

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 6.38.44 AM

Fix to : Links must not point to “#”. Use a more descriptive href or use a button instead jsx-a11y/href-no-hash

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Getting warning:

Links must not point to “#”. Use a more descriptive href or use a button instead jsx-a11y/href-no-hash

While its only a warning in the browser window, I still wanted to see if there was a way to fix it.


<a href=”#” onClick={this.handleClick} >Link to something</a>


<a tabIndex=”0″onClick={this.handleClick}>Link to something</a>

Using # , while a HTML staple, is considered broken in React.

Found thanks to afercia at this comment vs event.currentTarget

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 A good explanation of target vs currentTarget

  • target is whatever you actually clicked on. It can vary, as this can be within an element that the event was bound to.
  • currentTarget is the element you actually bound the event to. This will never change.

If you are clicking a component and the onClick is on the parent but are getting back the child,  try currentTarget

explanation from here

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘search’ of undefined

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In a react componenet, I was having a problem calling a function from another function. I kept getting the error

TypeError: Cannot read property 'search' of undefined

by binding “this” to the first function, it was then able to call the second function.

This example by Rafi Ud Daula Refat on Stackoverflow helped me figure this out.

Here is a little example using some code I made for my project

import React, { Component } from 'react';
class Header extends Component {
search() {
console.log("Enter Button Pressed");
handleKeyPress(target) {
 input  onKeyPress={this.handleKeyPress.bind(this)} placeholder="Enter search term" 

*note input not in <> because wordpress doesnt render it correct, keeps making actual inputs or removes the text

Print something x number of times in JSX / ReactJS

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If you are using ReactJS you might be asking how to print something x number of times.

plain characters there are many ways to do this such as

let stars = "*".repeat( //where rating is 5

this doesn’t work in when you start using elements as the subject of repetition

for the code:

let newstars = .repeat(

this is the error

TypeError: __WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0_react___default.a.createElement(…).repeat is not a function

The fix is to add items the following way:

let newstars = []
for(let i=0;i<;i++){

//now display the JSX as such in your return