Render files and images for Rails 5 api only

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I had built a rails 5 api only app. By installing the app only version of rails, I lost the view layer of rails. No app/assets, or public files.

This is of course the intended design for an api application but my projects also needed to reference locally stored images. How to overcome?

Example: I need to fetch http://mysite/images/image5.jpg


#config/routes.rb . #add a route

get ‘images/:id’, :to => ‘images#show’

#app/controllers/images_controller.rb #create this file, make class ImagesController,

#add method below

def show
id = params[:id]  #this will get the filename
send_file Rails.root.join(“public”, “#{id}.jpg”), type: “image/gif”, disposition: “inline” .          #send the file requested, files stored in public


This is a word around and there could (probably is) a better way, but it worked to get the project going. During refactor, we can change this and look for a better solution of need be. This was better than having to start a new rails5 app from scratch.


Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

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getting this error when using fetch to connect to my rails api



in the browser I was able to get to the page




rails action was rendering basic text not json, so I had to change fetch


def description
if product
if product.description
render plain: product.description
render plain: “No description”
end end end


.then(res=>res.text()) //<————————————-

Could not find an executable [“phantomjs”] on your path.

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Got this error when running rspec.

1.2) Failure/Error:


              Could not find an executable #{@executables} on your path.)


            Could not find an executable [“phantomjs”] on your path.



gem 'phantomjs', :require => 'phantomjs/poltergeist'

I added this to my gem file, under group :development, :test do and ran bundle install

After that this error didnt come up

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