Microsoft Office Click-to-Run service keeps re-enabling itself

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Microsoft Office Click-to-Run service keeps re-enabling itself even after being set to disabled. Every time I hear my CPU fans running, I’m thinking, why MS why.. I end the task and then go back to services to see that again, the service has been set to automatic.

Following “yonkers12″‘s advice on windows forums, after stopping and disabling the service, I changed the logon from ” Local System Account” to “This Account” using username “.\Guest” and a blank password


Event ID 16644 — RID Pool Request

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So you get the message “The maximum domain account identifier value has been reached. No further account-identifier pools can be allocated to domain controllers in this domain.”


What can you do?


Guess you have to make a new domain….

Find what SQL server features and components are installed

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There is a feature in SQL installer that can tell you what you have installed

Check your install media or SQL Server Installation Center if it is installed locally, then run the link for “Installed SQL Server features discovery report”.





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