leetcode 1470. Shuffle the Array

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This problem cant be looked at as such

  • The array nums is made of two arrays joined together
    • nums is [1,2,3,4]
  • separate the two array
    • array x is [1,2]
    • array y is [3,4]
  • recombine the arrays such that the new array is made in the following manner
    • x[0],y[0],x[1],y[1]
  • the result will be [1,3,2,4]
var shuffle = function(nums, n) {
    // the array nums can be divided into two subarrays
    // the value n is the length of each subarray
    // To make this a one pass solution create two pointers
    //   one to the start of the first subarray
    //   the other to the start of the second subarray
    let p1 = 0
    let p2 = n  //conveniently n is the index pointer2 should be at
    const result = []
    return result

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