leetcode: reverse integer: correct answer marked wrong

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I was doing leetcode’s reverse integer which as it’s name implies expects an integer to be reverse. example: 562 should be returned as 265.

The website marked my solution wrong even though my solution returned a revered number. The testcase 1534236469 had returned 9646324351 by my solution. Leetcode expected 0

Screenshot of my submission detail

The reason this is happening is because leetcode expects to only deal with a “32-bit signed integer”, and the output is larger than the maximum value of a 32-bit signed integer.

The largest a 32 bit signed integer can be is 2,147,483,647. A bit smaller than 9,646,324,351. I adjusted my solution and now received an acceptance.

var reverse = function(x) {
    let isNegative = x < 0 || false
    let rArray = x.toString().split("")
    console.log("rArray is",rArray)
    if(isNegative){ rArray.shift()}
    let rInt = parseInt(rArray.reverse().join(""))
    if (rInt > 2147483647) {return 0}
    return (isNegative ? rInt - 2 * rInt : rInt)
    //convert to string //split into array
    // if  negative is true shift first char
    //reverse array // convert to string //convert to num
    //if negative true, subtract 2 * x


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