leetcode : 867. Transpose Matrix

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This one took a while to get. Originally I was trying to transpose in place, but you cannot guarantee the input is a square, so in place won’t work.Not sure if even in C you can transpose in place for a rectangular input. There maybe some memory tricks there, but they definitely are not available for JavaScript

Code is commented to guide

var transpose = function(A) {
    //this problem we actually cant transpose in place
    //since we cannot guarantee that the input is a square
    const result = []
    const rowsLength = A[0].length
    const columnsLength = A.length
        let column = []
            //here we get all elements in a column from input array A
            //and add it to new array named column
        //we take the variable column we generated above
        //and turn it into a row for output Array result
    return result

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