Github markdown create links to sections in same md file

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tldr:    [Link text or description](#this-is-my-header-name-I-want-to-link-to)

I had a long Readme file, and wanted easy access on top to the sections of the file.

If you have a header, you can link to that header

create a header: ##This is my header
the link to the header would be: [Link text or description](#this-is-my-header)

As you can see its just converting your text to lowercase and using dash instead of spaces.

If you are having a problem, you can always highlight the header and the link will show at the bottom of chrome. See how that python looking object showed up next to  “Examples”, and at the bottom is the full hyerlink. In this example, just the #example would suffice as I did in my example  above

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 6.38.44 AM


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