Cannot power off or reset virtual machine in vSphere

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Had a vm that after a reboot would not come up.

Tried to do a reset and then the reset just hung there for a long time.

I logged on the host bypassing vsphere and the power off command wouldn’t work since another task was in progress.

then I ssh’d into the host, getting the vmid tried to kill it with command  vim-cmd /vmsvc/ VMID#

which gave me “power off failed”


As a last resort I thought I would have to vacate the host and restart it.


Then I noticed  that I had the thick client at another workstation hosting an ISO to the vm. Reason: the vm and host were remote so I wanted to feed the iso local to the vm via client connected iso.

So I terminated the viclient on the remote site, and my vm eventually came back.

something so simple yet probably overlooked often.



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