Google App Engine : when connecting to http://localhost:8080 get HTTP Error 500 Internal server error

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So I was running google app engine in order to get some code running.

while it should have ran out of the box it didn’t.

Checked firewall, which would have been my first suspect.

that wasn’t it.

http://localhost:8000 was working fine.

Looked around and found the solution below:

had the same problem. This seemed to fix it:

cd to google_appengine, run

python –port=8080 –host= /path/to/application

at this point there is a prompt to allow updates on running, I said Yes.

At this point the app was running as it should, also when I quit this and went in using the launcher again, that worked too.

Once I ran the command it was able to give me feedback on my code via error messages that  I wasnt getting with GAE. And it’s always something simple….


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