Tegile vs Nimble debate on reddit

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Debate going over on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/3av7li/nimble_vs_tegile

Of interest from SquizzOC:

I’ve got over 50 projects closed with Tegile and here’s why:

  • Hybrid or All flash
  • Multi-Protocol: iSCSI, FC, CIFS, NFS, SMB all in the same array.
  • Inline DeDupe and Compression
  • Zero licensing costs (I don’t believe this applies to Nimble either)
  • Price

Their end of quarter is July so if you plan on purchasing in the near future, cutting a PO by mid July will net you the best cost. I’m seeing deals approved with an additional 20% discount above and beyond their normal killer pricing. Last Nimble vs. Tegile project I quoted:

  • Tegile: 107k
  • Nimble: 140k

Tegile came in with a more powerful array as well. If you aren’t working with a VAR, Ping me and I can guide you sir. I prefer to have the business go through me of course, but if I can help put another Tegile array in a home I’m happy 🙂

Ssukin also echoed that result:  with Tegile being the top contender though he was posting reviews from his employer’s site IT centralstation .


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